Exquisite Colored & White Diamond Flower Basket Brooch


Diamond flower basket brooch and lapel pin, crafted in platinum and 18k yellow gold, consisting of natural fancy yellow, pink, orange, green and brown diamonds, designed into floral arrangement in a basket, accented with white and smaller colored diamonds. Secured with a single pin and rotary lock.

Measurements 2.125" by 2.125"
Weight 25g.

GIA certified colored diamonds:

GIA certified Pear Shape Diamond 0.73ct. 
Color: Natural Fancy Intense Yellow
Clarity: SI1
G.I.A. certificate# 5191162028;

GIA certified Pear Shape Diamond 0.52ct.
Color: Natural Fancy Intense Purplish Pink
Clarity: I1
G.A.I certificate# 2195162019;

GIA certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.33ct.
Color: Natural Fancy Intense Yellow-Orange
Clarity: I1 clarity
G.I.A. certificate# 2193162071

GIA certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.23ct.
Color: Natural Fancy Deep Yellowish-Brown
Clarity: I1 clarity
G.I.A. certificate# 5192162053

GIA certified Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 0.16ct.
Color Natural Fancy Intense Yellowish-Green
Clarity: SI2
G.I.A. certificate# 1192162063

Ref# 710-000-498

Please note that the remaining colored diamonds have not been tested for natural color.

Diamonds, approximately 140 circular-cut, 30 baguette-cut, 17 marquise-cut and 7 pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 2.50-3.50 carats total. H-I color, mostly VS clarity with a few SI clarity diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds, approximately 36 circular-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 2.25-2.75 carats total. VS clarity
Pink Diamonds, approximately 13 circular-cut and 2 marquise-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 0.75-1.25 carats, mostly VS-SI clarity with a few I clarity diamonds

Total diamond and colored diamond weight, including the five colored diamonds accompanied by GIA certificates (of 0.73, 0.52, 0.33, 0.23 and 0.16 carats) approximately 7.50-9.50 carats total

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